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Since 2015 we have offered all FIFA Ultimate Team players and Steam Users the opportunity to get more out of their FUT Coins or Steam CS:GO items.
We support the platforms PS4, Xbox One and Steam CS:GO Trade.
Here's quick introduction of our features:

Sports betting

Like a common betting site we also offer sports bets. But instead of with real money, you bet with FUT coins or Steam CS:GO items. The FutGamer credits you win on bets, you can withdraw to your Ultimate Team account or Steam account. We offer hundreds of matches to bet on weekly including live in-play betting. Take a look!

Open packs

We have adopted and integrated this popular FUT feature on FutGamer. After you have opened a pack on FutGamer, you will get a collection of players. For each player we set a realistic coin value based on the current FUT transfer market. Instead of the players, the value of the pack automatically gets added to your balance. This can be withdrawn to your FUT or Steam account.
Why choose our packs? Compared to FIFA, our packs can contain all IF, MOTM, TOTY cards all the time! Take me there

Play Jackpot

Jackpot is game where you can win huge amounts of credits with small stakes within seconds. It is a real-time application with an integrated chat. Each user can put a Stake in the Jackpot. After 20 stakes, or 2 minutes after 3 or more users have staked, the game will be settled. Based on your share of the Jackpot, you get a higher probability to win the jackpot. Sounds good? Check it out

Is FutGamer reliable?

Yes! Thousands of people use our site daily and don't regret it. Check us out on Twitter @FutGamerGoles or use the chat on Jackpot (only visible on desktop) to convince yourself we are reliable.

Learn how to deposit and withdraw on FutGamer.

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Deposit on FutGamer

To play on our site, you need to deposit FUT Coins to FutGamer.
We have three methods for you to do this:

1. Buy FUT Players on the market

After you have signed up, you have the option to transfer Coins from FIFA Ultimate Team to FutGamer. We have listed players on the transfer market on FIFA (usually for 10.000 coins) for you to buy. We show you the card including expiry time and other unique properties to find the player easily for you. After you bought the player and confirmed it, you get the coins transfered on your FutGamer account within a few seconds automatically. The 5% EA tax is covered by us so won't lose any coins when you withdrawal the coins back to your FUT account.

2. Deposit with money

If you don't want to deposit FUT coins or Steam CS:GO items, we also offer the option to deposit with money.
After you choose your payment method and the payment is successful, you will get your FutGamer credits within 1-2 minutes automatically. You can find the deposit page here.

You want to know how to transfer your coins back to your FIFA 24 account? Learn how it works

3. Deposit with Steam Trade

If you have an account on Steam simply enter your trade URL in the box provided. Once you have entered your trade URL, the page will update to show your Steam CS:GO inventory. All items in your inventory can be deposited in exchange for FutGamer credits.

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At any time you can transfer your FutGamer credits back to your Ultimate Team account or Steam account.

Fut Coins
To withdraw using FUT Coins simply list a player on the market for a pre-defined buy now price. After you listed the player, usually the card will be bought within a few hours (depending on the current backlog it may take up to 24 hours in rare cases). You always have the chance to see your current position in the queue to estimate how long it will take in your account history. As EA charges 5% tax on each transfer, we only reduce your FutGamer balance by 95%. So the EA tax is covered by us and you have no disadvantage when you withdraw your coins.

Steam CS:GO Items
To withdraw FutGamer items to your Steam account, under the "my account" section, click on withdraw and select CS:GO. From here you can see the items we have available for withdrawal. Simply select the item you want and click on withdraw.

You want to know how to deposit to FutGamer? Learn how it works
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